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Hey guys, our mobile marketing platform is up and running and looking for customers. We will be limited to about 15 ads at any given time, so get yours now!

We have two ad plans. The 3 day plan and the 5 day plan.

The 3 day plan includes your ad running on our sign 3 days per week for 8 hours per day. Your ad will be seen once every minute each day.

The 5 day plan is just that, your ad runs 5 days per week just like the 3 day plan does.

The 3 day plan is $100.00 per week with a one month contract required.

The 5 day plan is $150.00 per week with a one month contract required.


If these plans do not fit into your budget, then call me and we will customize a plan for you. Our route includes Franklin, Colbert and, Lauderdale counties each day. We will be concentrating on the major cities and roadways each day. We will include other smaller towns in these counties at least twice per month.


Remember we can also meet your needs for private or public displays after hours and on weekends. This could be a festival or advertising at your local football or baseball game.

Call me to discuss rental terms!

Contact me at anytime to get on your way to success.

Phone 256-810-4605

Feel free to text, or message me on facebook.

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